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The MIMIC recorder allows to easily create starting simulations of actual devices on your network. Once data is captured from a device, any variation on the basic simulation can be created for use with the MIMIC Agent Simulator.


  • Capture and replay of events that can be used repetitively for future regression testing.
  • Capture events that are intermittent or hard to reproduce.
  • Onsite field support can not only bring the bug report but also the environment that causes the bug.


  • Any number of target devices can be recorded simultaneously.
  • Any subset of the device MIB objects can be recorded on a MIB-subtree basis. For example, if a problem investigation focuses on a small part of the MIB, snapshots can be taken of the relevant MIB subtrees.
  • Fast table walk achieves significantly faster recording than normal table walk. Recordings on multiple devices are done in parallel, rather than serially.
  • Recording can be saved in a format suitable for later editing, annotating and/or re-recording. Recordings can be exchanged via e-mail and source code controlled.