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MIMIC® SNMP Simulator

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MIMIC SNMP Simulator creates a network of up to 100,000 SNMP manageable devices on one server. You can simulate any SNMP based device with any number of public or private MIBs to run a large variety of device configurations with your SNMP management application. It lets you generate thousands of traps to simulate disaster scenarios.

  • MIMIC simulated devices respond to SNMPv1, SNMPv2C and SNMPv3 queries.
  • It appears to any third-party SNMP Network Management Application as if it is talking to actual devices.
  • Each device has its own IP (or IPv6) address, independent read and write SNMPv1 community strings or SNMPv3 USM and VACM parameters, and notion of uptime.
  • Devices can be configured and changed at run-time, both on an individual and collective basis.

MIMIC Discovery Wizard can record your production network or test lab with thousands of real-world devices, to simulate them and multiply many times. MIMIC MIB Wizard can compile any number of SNMP MIBs, in any order at the same time.

MIMIC SNMP Simulator ships with a large number of pre-compiled MIBs, networks and devices from the leading networking companies.

A suite of predefined scenarios is provided to investigate all the possibilities you can face in your mission-critical environment. For example, network down, router down, a range of traffic conditions over a shorter period of time.

Supported Platforms: Windows®, Linux, and Amazon, Azure and Google Cloud. (details)

MIMIC SNMP Simulator Features

1. Multiple Agents in One Box

  • Family of SNMP simulators with a variety of sizes geared to any budget.
  • Simulate up to 100,000 SNMP agent instances on one computer.
  • Each agent instance has its own IP (or IPv6) addresses on any subnet.
  • Each SNMPv1 agent has independent read and write SNMP community strings.
  • Each SNMPv3 agent has independent USM and VACM parameters. (MD5, SHA, SHA-2 / RFC 7860 Authentication, DES, AES, AES-192, AES-256 Privacy).
  • Each agent instance has its own notion of uptime, eg. one can be running for 100 days, while another has just started.

2. Customized SNMP Agent Simulation

  • Select any subset of supported MIBs for each agent instance.
  • Use any of the 2000+ pre-compiled MIBs for devices from the leading networking companies.
  • Run any mix of the supplied actual device simulations from the device library, among them are Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, HP, Marconi, 3Com and many more.
  • Build your own simulation with the topologies and devices you need.

3. SNMP Agent Instance Configuration

  • Configure each SNMP agent instance individually or collectively.
  • Control each MIB object instance of each SNMP agent instance independently or as relationships.

4. Extensible Environment

  • Add any MIB to the simulation by compiling it with the MIMIC Compiler
  • Create basic simulations of actual devices with the MIMIC Recorder
  • Extend the simulation with standard scripting languages.
  • Customize the simulations with a powerful simulation language.

5. Real-time Modifiable Simulations

  • Use the MIB browser to manipulate each MIB object simulation independently at run-time.
  • Configure the simulation via batch scripts for automated regression testing or hands-off product demonstration.
  • Pause simulations to investigate a particular problem and resume at any point in time.

6. Configurable SNMP Trap Generation

  • Configure arrival rate, cutoff time, variable values, etc. on a per Trap basis in real-time and generate Trap storms.
  • Take snapshots with the Trap Wizard to replicate exact Trap sequences.

7. Recording Environment

  • Take snapshots of real world scenarios and simulate them almost immediately.
  • Discover large networks with Discovery Wizard.
  • Create dynamic simulations over time with Snapshot Wizard.